Sacred Rose Sage Smudge

Our California white sage is natural wild harvest (not farm raised) and is ethically and sustainably harvested in various parts of southern California. 

Made with sacred rose petals and white sage, this smudge stick acts as a multifaceted tool for cleansing and healing. This smudge stick comes in 3-4 inches and 7 inches in length, and holds 7 different colored rose petals representing each of the body's chakra energy centers.

Each order comes with 1 smudge stick and includes guidance for smudging yourself and your home. 


*A little info about the gorgeous earth magic that comes with this product - 

White sage has been used for centuries in rituals of cleansing and healing. The term "smudging" or "saging" is used to describe the act of burning sage and intentionally guiding the smoke over yourself and/or your space.

The rose petals on this smudge stick bring a sacred layer of love and blessings to the clearing and healing work it offers to its user. Known as a symbol of love, roses have a powerful energy that vibrates at a high frequency. The rose has been known to be associated with miracles and encounters with angels. People often report smelling the fragrance of roses while communicating with angels in prayer or meditation. 

The multi-colored rose petals tied onto this white sage offer an additional form of energy healing via color therapy -  an alternative therapy using colors and their various frequencies to heal physical and emotional issues within the human body. As you burn each color you can call upon the healing properties associated with each respective color.