Amethyst is known as a master healer. This beautiful purple crystal can be used as a universal healer to assist with emotional and physical ailments, energy healing and balancing all chakras.

Displaying amethyst in your home or office will bring a beautiful calming energy to the space.

Amethyst Benefits:

  • Brings a very relaxing, calming and spiritually energizing energy.
  • Can be used to energize the room its placed in. 
  • Will magnify the energy of other crystals.
  • Enhances your aura.
  • Helpful for meditation.
  • Improves spiritual connection, self-esteem and spirit contact.
  • Helps with recurrent nightmares (place under your pillow for sweet dreams.)
  • Relieves homesickness.
  • Useful for purification.

Click here for a more detailed description of the meaning and benefits of Amethyst. 

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