Smoky Blue Quartz

Smoky Blue Quartz

Smoky Blue Quartz is a new discovery from Columbia. Some of these gems are uniquely transparent, while others hold beautiful twirling clouds of subtle micro-inclusions that create a bluish opalescence when you hold them up to the light (which is what helped earn its name as Blue Smoky Quartz.)

This beautiful crystal is a very rare form of Lemurian Quartz which is known as one of the “Master Crystals.” If you look closely, you’ll find horizontal grooves on one or more of the sides which are known as “bar codes” that are said to hold ancient knowledge and energy that you can activate and download. (See Lemurian Quartz for a more details description of its history.)

Blue Smoke Quartz holds a very loving and cleansing energy and offers a vibration of deep peace, ascension and higher realm magic. This is a great piece to use for cleansing your etheric shield and clearing your chakras. Its energy will remind you of who you are and will assist with tapping into the Akashic records. Work with it to lift your vibration, restore balance within your body and soul, activate your Soul Star Chakra and connect with your angels, goddesses and spirit guides.

Use to stimulate: 

  • Third Eye
  • Crown Chakra

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