Natural Citrine


Citrine is a crystal of manifestation, abundance & personal will that initiates higher vibes wherever and however it is used. 

Effective for manifestation and sometimes referred to as the “money stone.” Whether you're looking to attract new opportunities or more money, this crystal will assist with attracting what you desire When you begin to learn that abundance is your divine heritage, this stone will be there to assist you in attracting all of the riches of this world. Placing citrine by the door of your office or home will help attract abundance financially, professionally and socially.

With its yellow and orange color, citrine can be used to increase life force energy around and within the body, to help with directing and consciously using your creative power. This is a great crystal to keep close when doing creative work. Placing it on your desk or near your workspace will lift the creative vibrations when writing, designing or working on your craft. 

Citrine energy like that of the sun is warming, comforting, penetrating, energizing and life giving. Citrine was one of the primary crystals I used daily when working to heal myself. A very healing and empowering stone that amplifies your personal power, citrine can help you reclaim your personal confidence. Good for decision-making, learning, teaching, studying and problem solving. Offering a variety of healing qualities, you can think of this stone as the “feel better stone.” 

Connected with the 2nd and 3rd chakras (sacral chakra and solar plexus) and the ascended master Helios (God of the Sun) who represents consciousness and the initiation of personal growth.



Citrine Benefits:

  • Encourages fun, happiness and joy.
  • Strengthens personal power, emotional control & physical center.
  • Good for relationships, self-esteem, aura work and getting rid of emotional toxins.
  • Helps with anger and yin/yang balance.
  • Highly effective when used to improve matters of business, relationships, education and family.
  • Helpful for selling houses.
  • Improves the function of the heart, kidneys, thyroid, thymus, liver, digestive system and all related disorders.
  • Effective for treating anemia and jaundice. 
  • Assists with nausea, vomiting, detoxing and tissue regeneration.
  • Can be work or carried to assist sensitive people with vulnerabilities to outside energies. The vibrant yellow orange color will increase the amount of light surrounding the body, creating a protective aura – making you less susceptible to negative vibrations and influences.


Natural Citrine VS Heat Treated 

When shopping for citrine it's important to note that there is a difference between the types of citrine that are readily available. The most popular citrine on the market is actually heat-treated amethyst and usually has more of a brighter, yellow orange color with a white side on it. Natural citrine, which is rare, is more of a darker honey color. Whenever you come across natural citrine be open to the message from the universe and buy it! Both stones offer beneficial qualities.


Natural Citrine 

  • Assists in overcoming difficulty, staying strong through adversity, and taking action to resolve difficult situations.
  • Enhances physical energy and stamina, encourages proper metabolism.
  • Clears energetic blockages.
  • Assists one in overcoming the feeling of being undeserving for abundance in your life.


Heat Treated Citrine

  • Marries the energy of the mind and personal will.
  • Stimulates the mind and can assist with learning & studying.
  • Helps to lighten dark thoughts and brings optimism, playfulness and happiness into your energy systems.
  • Helpful for digestive issues and metabolism. Can be used for weight loss and can increase energy during exercise.

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