Crystals: Meanings and Benefits

  • Tigers Eye

    Tigers Eye

    Tigers Eye is a beautiful combination of gold & dark brown and can be powerful when used for manifesting abundance and prosperity in your life.  This stone stimulates action and empowers you to step into your own power. Enhancing masculine energy which can help to balance out the feminine, Tigers Eye brings the fire element with it and works well with the 3rd and 4th chakras (sacral and solar plexus.) Traditionally Tigers Eye has been used as a protection stone. Keeping it close will help ward off negative energy and ill intentions from others. A great stone to place around the home and office.  Known...

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  • Blue Kyanite

    Blue Kyanite

    Blue Kyanite is a HIGH VIBRATION crystal. Similar to Selenite, Blue Kyanite does not collect negative energy. It's energy helps to align and clear your chakras - which makes it a perfect tool for clearing energy in a space or within yourself. It aids in restoring energy balance. Blue Kyanite is a great tool to use when trying to wind down after a long day. If you lay down and place the crystal on your chest for 15 minutes while relaxing, you'll begin to feel it clearing out all of the frenetic energy lingering from your day.  All of the chakras benefit from Blue...

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  • Labradorite


    As one of the most powerful protection stones, Labradorite offers a strong energy that shields negativity. The vibration of this stone is one of magic and can be used to create amazing changes in your life. It assists with self-discovery, as well as awakening your inner spirit and intuition. Keeping a Labradorite stone close by, or wearing it on your body will offer an energetic shield for your aura and will strengthen & improve your energy. It will literally lift your vibration. : )  This is a highly spiritual stone and can be very powerful when used for the third-eye chakra during meditation. Effective for all of the chakras...

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  • Amethyst


    Amethyst is known as a premier spiritual crystal thanks to its beautifully strong healing and protective qualities. Displaying amethyst in your home or office will balance the atmosphere and bring a calming energy to the space. Initiating wisdom and a greater understanding, amethyst lends comfort to those distressed. Its presence is helpful for those who are in overworked, overstressed or overwhelmed mental states. Amethyst is also very useful for those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one. It is one of the best stones to use for tension or migraine headaches as it eases the mental anxieties that tend...

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  • Natural Citrine


    Citrine is a crystal of manifestation, abundance & personal will that initiates higher vibes wherever and however it is used.  Effective for manifestation and sometimes referred to as the “money stone.” Whether you're looking to attract new opportunities or more money, this crystal will assist with attracting what you desire When you begin to learn that abundance is your divine heritage, this stone will be there to assist you in attracting all of the riches of this world. Placing citrine by the door of your office or home will help attract abundance financially, professionally and socially. With its yellow and orange...

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